Photoshop Shortcut Keys

File Menu Shortcuts :
Ctrl+N: New Document
Ctrl+O: Open Document
Shift+Ctrl+O: Browse
Alt+Ctrl+O:Open As
Ctrl+W: Close
Ctrl+Shift+W: Close All
Ctrl+S: Save
Ctrl+Shift+S: Save As
Ctrl+Alt+S: Save a Copy
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S: Save for Web
Ctrl+Shift+P: Page Setup
Ctrl+Shift+M: Jump to Image Ready
Ctrl+Q: Exit

Viewing Shortcuts:
Ctrl+Y: Proof Colors
Ctrl++: Zoom In
Ctrl+-: Zoom Out
Ctrl+Alt++: Zoom In & Resize Window
Ctrl+Alt+-: Zoom Out & Resize Window
Ctrl+Alt+0: Actual Pixels
Ctrl+Shift+H: Show/Hide Target Path
Ctrl+R: Show/Hide Rulers
Ctrl+Shift+;: On/Off Snap
Ctrl+H: Show/Hide Extras
Ctrl+Alt+;: Lock Guides
Ctrl+;: Show Guides
Ctrl+': Show Grid

Tools Shortcuts:
A: Path Component Selection Tool
B: Paintbrush Tool
C: Crop Tool
D: Changes Default Colour Palettes To Black Foreground, White Background
E: Eraser Tool
F: Cycle Screen Modes
G: Gradient Tool
H: Hand Tool
I: Eyedropper Tool
J: Airbrush Tool
K: Slice Tool
L: Lasso Tool
M: Marquee Tool
N: Notes
O: Dodge/Burn/Sponge Tool
P: Pen Tool
Q: Quick Mask
R: Blur/Sharpen/Smudge Tool
S: Clone Stamp
T: Type Tool
U: Shape Tool
V: Move Tool
W: Magic Wand
X: Swap Colours On Colour Pallete
Y: History Brush
Z: Zoom

Tool Layer Shortcuts:
Ctrl+Shift+N: New Layer
Ctrl+J: Layer via Copy
Ctrl+Shift+J: Layer via Cut
Ctrl+G: Group with Previous
Ctrl+Shift+]: Bring to Front
Ctrl+]: Bring Forward
Ctrl+[: Send Backward
Ctrl+Shift+[: Send Back
Ctrl+E: Merge Layers
Ctrl+Shift+E: Merge Visible

Image Manipulation Shortcuts:
Ctrl+L: Adjust Levels
Ctrl+Shift+L: Adjust Auto Levels
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+L: Adjust Auto Contrast
Ctrl+M: Adjust Curves
Ctrl+B: Adjust Color Balance
Ctrl+U: Adjust Hue/Saturation
Ctrl+Shift+U: Desaturate
Ctrl+I: Invert
Ctrl+Alt+X: Extract

Filters Shortcuts:
Ctrl+F: Last Filter
Ctrl+Shift+F: Fade
Ctrl+Alt+X: Extract
Ctrl+Shift+X: Liquify
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+X: Pattern Make

Selection Shortcuts:
Ctrl+A: Select All
Ctrl+D: Deselect
Ctrl+Shift+D: Reselect
Ctrl+Shift+I: Inverse
Ctrl+Alt+D: Feather

Random Shortcuts:
Alt+Backspace: Fill with Forground Color
Shift+Backspace: Fill with Background Color
Alt+]: Ascend through Layers
Alt+[: Descend through Layers
Shift+Alt+]: Select Top Layer
Shift+Alt+[: Select Bottom Layer
Tab: Show/Hide All Palettes

Taken From Tutorial Dash Forum.


What Are the Flash Shortcut Keys?

The following is a complete list of keyboard shortcuts for Flash. Note that standard keyboard shortcuts, such as Command/Control C to copy and Command/Control V to paste, are omitted.
Note: Flash 5 and above supports customizable keyboard shortcuts. Choose Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts to open the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog.

A - Arrow/Cursor
T - Text Tool
P - Pencil
I - Ink Bottle
B - Paint Brush
U - Paint Bucket
E - Eraser
D - Dropper
M - Magnifier
L - Lasso

F5 - Add frame
Shift F5 - Delete Frame
F6 - Add Key Frame
F7 - Add Blank Key Frame
F8 - Make Symbol

Time line
Enter - Play Command/Control 0 (zero) - Rewind
< - Previous Frame
> - Next Frame
Home - Go to First Scene
End - Go to Last Scene
Page Up - Go to Previous Scene
Page Down - Go to Next Scene

Command/Control R - Import Image/Sound/etc...
Command/Control Shift R - Export to .swf/.spl/.gif/etc...
Command/Control Shift O - Open as Library

Command/Control 1 - View movie at 100% size
Command/Control 2 - Show Frame
Command/Control 3 - Show All

Command/Control L - Show/Hide Library
Command/Control M - Modify Movie Properties
Command/Control E - Toggle between Edit Movie& Edit Symbol Mode
Command/Control Shift L - Show/Hide Time line
Command/Control Shift W - Show/Hide Work Area

Modifying and editing
Command/Control G - Group
Command/Control U - Ungroup
Command/Control B - Break Apart
Command/Control Shift V - Paste in Place
Command/Control D - Duplicate
Command/Control A - Select All
Command/Control Shift A - Deselect All
Command/Control Shift O - Optimize Curves
Command/Control K - Align Window
Command/Control Shift S - Scale and Rotate
Command/Control Shift Z - Remove Transform
Command/Control Up Arrow - Move Ahead
Command/Control Down Arrow - Move Behind
Command/Control Shift Up Arrow - Bring to Front
Command/Control Shift Down Arrow - Send to Back
Command/Control T - Modify Font
Command/Control Shift T - Modify Paragraph
Command/Control left Arrow - Narrower Letter Spacing (kerning)
Command/Control right Arrow - wider Letter Spacing (kerning)

Other tricks
With the arrow cursor:
Control + Click and Drag - Duplicates a shape
By hitting the control key first (Macintosh & Windows) and THEN clicking and dragging on a selected shape or group of shapes, you will create a duplicate of those shapes at the spot where you release the mouse button.
Command/Control Clicking a keyframe to move frame Command/Control clicking a frame in the timeline switches the cursor to a slider, and allows you to click and drag that frame to a new place in the timeline within that same layer. This is a very useful function for editing the positioning of tweens, etc. in the time line.

With the magnifier tool:
Control + Click
- Toggles to the opposite magnifier. If the + magnifier (zoom in) is active, and you hit Control while clicking, you will switch to the - magnifier and actually zoom OUT.

With the dropper tool:
Shift + Click
- Select a color for both fill and outline tools Clicking a red fill will do the same, giving you the Bucket tool, and switching fill colors to red. But the outline tool colors are not changed. Clicking on text switches the text tool to that color, and gives you the text tool. Shift clicking with the dropper makes the color you click on active for ALL tools, and doesn't automatically switch you to any tool. It leaves the dropper active.
This is one of the least well known short cuts in Flash, and is the ONLY way to use the dropper on an outline for example, and then be able to switch to the fill tool and have that color automatically active already.

Zoom In - CTRL + ‘+’
Zoom Out - CTRL + ‘-’

Add Frame – F5
Delete Frame – SHIFT + F5
Add Key Frame – F6
Add Blank Key Frame – F7

Symbol (MovieClip, Button, Graphic)
Turn Into Symbol – F8
Insert New Symbol - CTRL + F8

Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts

Display Help : F1.
Toggle between full-screen and regular views of the browser window :
Move forward through the items on a webpage, the Address bar, or the Links bar : TAB.
Move back through the items on a webpage, the Address bar, or the Links bar : SHIFT+TAB.
Go to your home page : ALT+HOME.
Go to the next page : ALT+RIGHT ARROW.
Go to the previous page : ALT+LEFT ARROW or BACKSPACE.
Display a shortcut menu for a link : SHIFT+F10.
Move forward through frames and browser elements (only works if tabbed browsing is disabled) : CTRL+TAB or F6.
Move backward between frames (only works if tabbed browsing is disabled) : CTRL+SHIFT+TAB
Scroll toward the beginning of a document : UP ARROW.
Scroll toward the end of a document : DOWN ARROW.
Scroll toward the beginning of a document in larger increments : PAGE UP.
Scroll toward the end of a document in larger increments : PAGE DOWN.
Move to the beginning of a document : HOME.
Move to the end of a document : END.
Find on this page : CTRL+F.
Refresh the current webpage : F5.
Refresh the current webpage, even if the time stamp for the web version and your locally stored version are the same : CTRL+F5 .
Stop downloading a page : ESC .
Open a new website or page : CTRL+O
Open a new window : CTRL+N
Close the current window (if you only have one tab open) : CTRL+W
Save the current page : CTRL+S
Print the current page or active frame : CTRL+P
Activate a selected link : ENTER
Open Favorites : CTRL+I
Open History : CTRL+H
Open Feeds : CTRL+J
Open the Page menu : ALT+P
Open the Tools menu : ALT+T
Open the Help menu : ALT+H