Visual Studio shorucut keys

Here is my current list of keyboard shortcut that i frequently use at work. An asterisk (*) means a custom keyboard mapping that i am using. I'm currently on a one week no-mouse therapy hopefully to learn more to use the keyboard.

Visual Studio
Ctrl+Alt+L : Solution Explorer
Ctrl+Alt+S : Server Explorer
Ctrl+Alt+- : *Collapse all projects from Solution Explorer(macro)
Ctrl+Alt+0 : *Run Tests (TD.NET)
Ctrl+Alt+9 : *Debug Tests (TD.NET)
Ctrl+Alt+8 : *View Output Window
Ctrl+Alt+7 : *View Find Results Window
Ctrl+Alt+6 : *Run on (running scripts to data connections)
Shift+Escape : Close Tool Window
Ctrl+Alt+P : Attach to Process (Resharper overrides this one)
Ctrl+Shift+E : *Enable All Breakpoints
Ctrl+Shift+D : *Disable All Breakpoints
Ctrl+Shift+F9 : Remove all Breakpoints
F5 : Debug Start
Shift+F5 : Debug Stop

I suggest you print a hardcopy of the Resharper keymap pdf here and post it in your desk wall.
Ctrl+N : Find by type
Ctrl+Shift+N : Find by file
Alt+F7 : Find usage
Ctrl+Alt+U : Find usage window
Ctrl+Down : Next method
Ctrl+Up : Previous method
Ctrl+Alt+B : Go to inheritors
Ctrl+U : Go to base
Ctrl+B : Go to Declaration
Shift+F6 or F2 : Rename
Ctrl+Shift+R : Refactor
Ctrl+Alt+Space : Type name completion
Ctrl+Space : Basic code completion (including suggested variable name)
Ctrl+P : Show parameters
Ctrl+Q : Quick documentation popup (don't forget ctrl+escape is close tool window)
Ctrl+F12 : File Structure Popup (this has a hidden search feature, just type the initial letters of the member name, press enter to go to its declaration)
Ctrl+Shift+V : Clipboard Popup (No need to access the clipboard ring tab)
Ctrl+Alt+F : Reformat code (not following coding standards eh, it's a breeze)
Alt+Insert : Generate Code (Overriding Equals and GetHashCode made easy)
Ctrl+E : Show recent files

F2 : Rename file
Alt+Down : Toggle dropdown
F6 : Go to address bar

/: Find text
F3 : Next Find
Ctrl+T : Open new Tab
Alt+Enter : Open in new tab the result of search if in quick search, location if in URL bar
Ctrl+L : Go to Location bar
Ctrl+K : Go to Web search bar

Virtual PC
Left Alt+Down : Minimize Virtual PC
Left Alt+Enter : Maximize
Left Alt+Delete : Next Find
Ctrl+T : Open new Tab
Alt+Enter : Open in new tab the result of search if in quick search, location if in URL bar

Remote Desktop
Ctrl+Alt+Pause : Switch from Full Screen to Windowed (i'd rather do the normal keyboard shortcuts in full screen)


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