Safari Shortcuts........

Web page shortcuts : -
Up/down arrow keys : Scroll page vertically by a small amount.
Left/right arrow keys : Scroll page horizontally by a small amount.
Option-arrow keys : Scroll page by a screenfull, minus a small overlap.
Cmd-up/down arrow key : Scroll to top-left or bottom-left corner of web page.
Spacebar : Scroll page down by a screenfull, minus a small overlap.
Delete key : Go back.
Shift-Delete key : Go forward.
Page Up key/Page Down key : Scroll page by a screenfull, minus a small overlap.
Home key : Scroll to top-left corner of web page.
Cmd-Home key : Go to the Home page.
End key : Scroll to bottom-left corner of web page.
Esc key : If location field selected, restore viewed URL.
Cmd-click or Cmd-Shift-click a link : Open link in new window or tab.
Option-click a link : Download file.
Shift-click the Add Bookmark button : Add bookmark directly to menu.
Cmd-return or Cmd-Shift-return in address field : Open page in new window or tab.
Cmd-return or Cmd-Shift-return in search field : Show search results in new window or tab .
Press and hold Back or Forward button : Pop up a menu showing up to 10 back/forward entries by page title.
Option-press and hold Back or Forward button : Pop up a menu showing up to 10 back/forward entries by page URL.

Menu shortcuts : -
Cmd-A : Select All
Cmd-B : Show/Hide Favorites Bar
Cmd-C : Copy
Cmd-D : Add Bookmark…
Cmd-E : Use Selection for Find
Cmd-F : Find…
Cmd-G : Find Again
Cmd-H : Hide Safari
Cmd-J : Jump to Selection
Cmd-K : Block Pop-up Windows
Cmd-L : Open Location…
Cmd-M : Minimize
Cmd-N : New Window
Cmd-O : Open File…
Cmd-P : Print
Cmd-Q : Quit Safari
: Reload Page
Cmd-S : Save As
Cmd-T : New Tab
: Paste
Cmd-W : Close Window or Close Tab
Cmd-X : Cut
Cmd-Z : Undo
Cmd-Shift-A : AutoFill Form
Cmd-Shift-B : Send File To Bluetooth Device… or Bookmark this group of tabs
Cmd-Shift-D : Add Bookmark to Menu
Cmd-Shift-F : Full Screen
Cmd-Shift-G : Find Previous
Cmd-Shift-H : Go to the Home page
Cmd-Shift-K : Block Images and Plugins
Cmd-Shift-L : Search with Google
Cmd-Shift-M : Max Screen
Cmd-Shift-N : Add Bookmark Folder
Cmd-Shift-P : Page Setup…
Cmd-Shift-S : Start Sampling
Cmd-Shift-T : Stop Sampling
Cmd-Shift-U : Open URL in OmniWeb
Cmd-Shift-W : Close Window
Cmd-Shift-Y : Make new Sticky Note
Cmd-Shift-Z : Redo
Cmd-Option-A : Activity
Cmd-Option-B : Show All Bookmarks
Cmd-Option-E :Empty Cache
Cmd-Option-F : Google Search…
Cmd-Option-H : Hide Others
Cmd-Option-K : Mark Page for SnapBack
Cmd-Option-L : Downloads
Cmd-Option-M : Minimize All
Cmd-Option-P : SnapBack to Page
Cmd-Option-S : SnapBack to Search
Cmd-Option-V :
View Source
Cmd-Option-W or Cmd-Option-Shift-W : Close All Windows
Cmd-Ctrl-D : Add SafariStand Bookmark
Cmd-Ctrl-S : Save Browser Window…
Cmd-1 to Cmd-9 : First 9 bookmarks (not folders) in Bookmarks Toolbar
Cmd-? : Safari Help
Cmd-[ : Back
Cmd-] : Forward
Cmd-. : Stop
Cmd-, : Preferences…
Cmd-/ : Show/Hide Status Bar
: Show/Hide Address Bar
Cmd-\ : Show Page Load Test Window
Cmd-= : Define in OmniDictionary
Cmd-; : Check Spelling
: Spelling…
Cmd--(Cmd-minus) : Make Text Smaller
Cmd-+ : Make Text Bigger
Cmd-Shift-* : Get Result of AppleScript
Cmd-Shift-right-arrow : Select Next Tab
Cmd-Shift-left-arrow : Select Previous Tab
Cmd-Option-> :Send to
Cmd-Option-, : SafariStand Setting
F5 : SafariStand Bar

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why....WHY did they decide to make the arrows move the page by default.... very frustrating.